One of the benefits of starting a healthy eating lifestyle is the benefits to your health from losing weight.

Suffering from back pain?

There could be more to it than old age or lifting a heavy box. One of the more noticeable effects of being overweight is the onset of an aching back. This usually occurs when a person has a large midsection. This excess weight pulls the lower lumbar forward and creates an undesired curve in posture.

The pain will not go away on its own. The best course of action is to lose excess weight.

There are also ways to help maintain good posture such as using an office chair that contours to your back, sleeping on a mattress that provides adequate support, and making sure to not hunch over when using the computer.

According to this article by the Mayo Clinic similar to weight gain in pregnancy, there are things we can do to help relieve it while we lose weight. Click here and learn some great tips for relieving back pain.

Eat healthily, get plenty of rest and lose those excess pounds because overeating isn’t only bad for your digestive system, it’s also bad for your back.