back to the basics

Little Choices Matter focuses on getting back to the basics and encouraging the power of smart choices every day. 

Our team is here to help you make better choices every day to help you spiritually, physically, and financially. 

We will continually be adding new health information, interesting tidbits, simple health tips, yummy recipes, and so much more to help you choose wisely and be more healthy.

our story

The desire for this website came to us from so many of our family and friends who wanted to live a healthier lifestyle but for one reason or another found it to be too difficult, too time-consuming, or simply too confusing. There is a lot of information out there with fancy terminology and complex health information which makes it just too hard for most of us to sort through it all and make sense out of it.

Our team will make the information you find here easy to understand. You won't need an advanced degree to understand what we post, and you will learn how to put healthy meals on the table without spending a lot of time cooking.

We will offer tips and information that anyone can pick up and say, "I can do this!"  What you find here will help you make wise choices; you will feel better, maintain a healthy weight, and maybe even drop a few pounds if needed.

The products we offer have been carefully chosen for both their health benefits and their specific ingredient makeup.  All of our products are free of sugars and artificial sweeteners so you can feel confident shopping with us.

Healthy choices will make you feel better, be happier, and can even add years to your life.

By simply making healthy choices, you can increase your energy, lose excess weight, improve digestion, reduce your cholesterol, lower your blood pressure, and fight all kinds of diseases.