Cheese. So many of us love cheese and can’t wait to introduce it back into our diets. First a word of caution – cheese can cause gains, so we suggest to introduce it slowly and in moderation. Try and stick to 1 oz when introducing. When choosing cheese, choose white over the yellow/orange variety due to the additives the company adds in to make the cheese yellow.

Do Not Choose This:


When people think of cheddar cheese, the image that pops into our minds is an image of a yellow or almost orange colored block. However, this is not the healthiest choice. These cheddar cheese varieties are processed with a food additives.

There are a few different additives that a manufacturer may use. One ingredient that is known to be used is titanium oxide – an additive which is banned in Europe.

Another common additive is Tartrazine (FD&C Yellow No:5; CI Acid Yellow23, CI Food Yellow 4. Coal tar dye). This has been known to provoke asthma attacks and nettle rash (rash/hives) in children (the US FDA** estimates 1:10 000).Tartrazine is also thought to cause cancer.

Some manufactures may use Annatto which is a derivative from the achiote tree. This additive also gives the naturally white cheddar cheese that deep yellow, or orange, appearance.

Choose This:


White cheese is the wisest choice as it is closest to the natural state. Also, be careful of pre-shredded (in a bag) as those packaged in this way will most likely have preservatives added and many times it is a starch form. Also, remember the loner the cheese is aged, the better tasting it will be.