Just walk through a grocery store, and you will see rows of unhealthy choices that are processed and lead us to crave more which can quickly turn into an addiction.

Experts believe that the level of food addiction in the United States may be an epidemic. “Overeating and obesity kill at least 300,000 Americans every year due to diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer,” says Mark Gold, MD, of the division of addiction medicine at the University of Florida College of Medicine in Gainesville. “While no one knows exactly how many of those people might be food addicted, we estimate it’s half of the total.”

One of the ways we can avoid temptation is to recognize our cravings and do something healthy about it. One of the ways we can avoid temptation is to recognize our cravings and do something healthy about it. 

These 5 tips will prevent food cravings from sabotaging your diet.

1. Do a body check. Before you reach for that junk food snack, check in with your body. Are you truly hungry? Is your craving coming from your stomach or your mind? Are you sad, bored, or stressed? Once you start connecting the dots between certain moods and certain foods, you can begin to get a handle on your cravings.

2. Distract yourself. Go on a short walk, call a friend, or set a timer to complete a chore you’ve been putting off. Sometimes setting a goal to finish a task at work or home will help us focus on the job rather than the craving.

3. Drink more water. Thirst is often confused with hunger, or food cravings so have a few glasses to determine the source of your cravings. It’s also been said that your body chemistry can change which help reduce your craving if you have two glasses of water and an ounce of nuts (6 walnuts or 12 almonds).

4. Sleep. If you get less than 7 hours of sleep a night, your brain actually starts producing appetite-stimulating hormones, and you’ll feel hungrier (and eat more) throughout the day without meaning to do so.

5. Take Defender. Even with our best intentions, we cannot overcome the urge to feed the craving we all can get. Intense cravings come when we are tired, bored and stressed. They can come and go with hormone fluctuations each month. That’s why we spent the last year formulating an ALL-IN-ONE supplement that will help you combat the cravings and do so much more!

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