High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts are short, 30 – 40 minute workout sessions, but in order for these short sessions to be as beneficial as possible, you need to keep the intensity level high.

The word “intensity” might scare, intimidate or even shut you down completely, BUT it doesn’t have to. You need to have a workout that is high intensity for YOU. No shame. No guilt. No comparison.

HIIT is a type of exercise that involves repeated short bouts of high-intensity exercises, followed by brief recovery periods. For example, a HIIT workout can be running on the treadmill, alternating between a very fast pace and one that is slower.

Here are 8 Reasons to Switch to a High-Intensity Interval Training especially important for those of us who are over 40!

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Build Your Own HIIT

Do whatever you like! Activities could include running, biking, swimming, or lifting weights. You can run for a bit, then walk. Walk then go up and down some stairs. Bike at different speeds or go up and down some hills. Swim the length of the pool then walk it. Lift weights then walk in place. Jump Rope then walk. The ideas are endless.

Start your intense zone for 3 minutes then increase the duration as you build strength and stamina. The longer you spend in your intense zone, the more of an effect the exercise will have.

Repeat several times in a row and repeat for 20–40 minutes.