Making little choices that matter is more than our company name, it’s a motto we believe in. If you have been trying to live a healthier¬†lifestyle¬†but having a hard time sticking to it, try to make little changes every day. Making little changes is more attainable than a big routine or change. It’s why New Years Resolutions don’t last.

Of course this website is loaded with little choices that matter, but I’m not here today to overwhelm you. So, here are a few fresh ideas to help you adopt a healthier lifestyle:

Try a new vegetable. Ever go to the grocery store and wonder what that weird shaped food item is? Buy it and google a favorite recipe to try. It might just surprise you and be your new favorite food!

Use cinnamon instead of sugar. Sprinkle it on your apples, peaches, grapefruits, etc. Read more on why cinnamon is so good for you.

walking shoesPlace your sneakers in your kitchen before you go to bed. In the morning they are right there “calling your name”!

Roast corn and toss in a salad. An extra added flavor and benefit to help make a boring salad exciting.

Add herbs to your (boring) salads. The more I load a salad, the less dressing I use. My favorites are cilantro, parsley, basil and mint. I’m not a huge rosemary fan, but also a great idea.

Plan your workout the night before and place the list on the counter along with your iPod with fun and energizing songs to work out to.

Make personal challenges while running or walking. Chose an object – a parked car, a tree, etc. and do lunges until you reach your destination. Mix it up with a sprint to the next object in site.

Eat like a 2 year old. They take their time! When you are a busy mom, it’s annoying, but your body will thank you for it. It takes 20 minutes for your brain to tell you that the stomach is full, so eating slow helps you eat less rather than scarfing down a meal and feeling full and bloated.

Pack your lunch and your snacks when you are not hungry. If you work out of the home, try packing your lunch and snack right after dinner or breakfast. This will cut down on excess foods staring at you all day begging you to eat them.

Wear tight fitting pants when dining out. I do this trick when I eat out at our favorite Mexican spot. You’ll already feel fat and full and won’t hover so long on the chips and salsa.

Pick one of these ideas a day or one a week – the important thing is you make healthy changes. Making positive and healthy choices every day could be your secret to weight loss and increased energy.