Did you ever wonder why at some point in your life, weight loss was so easy, and other times, you can knock yourself out trying to lose, but the scale never budges?

It may have to do with the condition of your liver, or the alkalinity of your body. The health of your liver is directly related to your ability to lose weight efficiently.

A healthy liver will burn, or metabolize, fat AND pump extra fat out of your body by sending it to the small intestine for digestion and breakdown.

Our livers are so important, yet tend to be overlooked in the big picture. They filter every single thing that enters your body. That means everything you eat and drink – PLUS – everything you put on your skin and hair and everything you breathe!

There are different types of toxins our livers need to deal with, but the one we are going to discuss is all things that are oil-based. This includes pesticides, drugs, alcohol, pharmaceuticals, food additives, pollutants, and more. They will not dissolve in water or blood, so you can’t process them through standard means like through urine or stool. The liver first has to break them down into non-toxic and water-soluble substances. This requires support from the foods we eat!

Bile is produced by the liver and emulsifies the fats – or breaks them down. Think about a greasy pan and the action of soap. Soap emulsifies the grease in the same fashion that bile emulsifies fat and fat-soluble toxins. They are then processed and pushed out of the liver.

This becomes a problem when the body does not produce enough bile or good quality of bile. If the liver does not have a proper supply of bile, it cannot break down fats, so it builds up in the liver. This can be a build-up of food chemicals, pesticides, drugs, alcohol, or other toxins. The liver begins to collect these things since they don’t have any way to break down and get out. This means your normally fat-burning liver has now become a fat-storing liver! This is not what we want to happen.

This is where nutrition comes to the rescue. Removing toxins is step one! Eating organic and preventing the intake of pesticides and other chemicals from conventionally grown produce is helpful. Eliminating processed foods full of artificial ingredients, flavors, and sweeteners is vital!

It is not just about avoiding the toxins, though; it is also about giving your body the proper nutrients it needs to alkalize your body, break down toxins, and support your liver.

Keep your liver healthy and controlling your weight will be much easier!

We are here to help you make LITTLE CHOICES that MATTER!!


  1. Tess on January 31, 2018 at 6:40 pm

    Great article, so how do we take simple steps to start incorporating this into our daily routine?

    • Shawna Culp on March 26, 2018 at 10:18 am

      Join the support group. We give daily tips to make little changes every day.