Write your vision and make it plain!

Tips to help stay consistent with your healthy eating choices.

  • Write affirmations and post them where you can see them daily.
  • Plan menus and prep foods to keep things simple.
  • Set a weekly goal and write it down.
  • Reward yourself for following the plan.
  • Find cues that help prompt you to stay on track.
  • Get a buddy to talk to and stay focused.

Trying to break old habits take consistent behavior changes.  If you are one that rinses and repeats diet after diet, try something new and different that will help you stop the vicious cycle.   It takes a good plan and focus/discipline to make permanent change.  You can do it, but you will have to do something different than repeat old cycles.

Set goals and make this New Year, the year of change.

Vision- The image or insight of how something could or should be in the future!