Ask any chronic allergy sufferer and they’d tell you finding the right remedy for allergies can be a really difficult chore. Over-the-counter medications can seem like an easy fix, but as everyone quickly finds out, such treatments are riddled with all sorts of side effects.

Natural remedies on the other hand are a whole different case. While next to no side effects to using them exist, finding such remedies that actually work is never easy. Nevertheless, these natural remedies are still the most effective way of fighting allergies.

A Natural Allergy Remedy That Works

Do you suffer from chronic allergies? Here’s a proven remedy that works for alleviating allergies ─ a simple blend of apple, cider, and vinegar. This recipe is one of the most widely used natural remedies for allergies and has been used by practitioners in Asia and Europe for several centuries.

How It Works

The apple-cider-vinegar works by providing the body with a number of essential compounds which help balance the body’s natural pH. This balancing of the body’s pH is what alleviates the effects of allergies.

Apart from balancing the body’s pH, the nutrients present in this remedy also help boost the body’s immune system thereby reducing the body’s susceptibility to allergies.

How to Use the Remedy

Using apple cider vinegar is simple. All you need to do is use 1 to 2 teaspoons of the recipe in a day.

Since most people can’t stomach the taste of straight vinegar, a great way to use this remedy is to mix your teaspoon of the recipe with a teaspoon of honey and a bit of warm water. You can also add it to your favorite salad dressing or other beverage.

For maximum effect, use the remedy at least twice a day ─ once in the morning and one in the evening.