Looking for a nice crunchy snack? This is one of my favorites!

Loaded with proteinfiberOmega 3’s and so much more! A very healthy, delicious and filling snack! Make as is or blend with organic yogurt and other toppings, if desired.

Apple Nut Crunch
1 medium apple
1 Tbsp. Raw honey
10 – 12 whole, raw almonds
10 – 12 raw walnut pieces
Ceylon Cinnamon and/or Apple Pie Spice
1 tsp. ground flax seeds

Other mixings (optional)
Greek or Organic Yogurt
Hemp Hearts

Core, and peel apple if desired. Slice/chop apple into small bite-size pieces. I love my apple slicer!

Place apples in a small bowl. Slightly chop nuts with a nut chopper.

Blend nuts and apple pieces together and then mix in honey. Stir well to coat all pieces. Sprinkle with ground cinnamon or apple pie spice and blend again.

Add any other ingredients you like and enjoy!