Did you know that eating an apple before each meal can aid in weight loss? The pectin found in apples not only helps release fat, it can help to prevent your body from absorbing it. So, eating an apple before a meal will not only help you eat less during a meal, it will help combat those unwanted fats! Pectin also serves as a appetite suppressant which keeps you feeling satisfied for long periods of time. If you eat an apple before your meal, wait at least 30 minutes before diving in to allow time for the brain to send a signal that you are not as hungry. It will also allow time for the digestion process before consuming vegetables and other foods that may compete with the digestion process.

But pectin is not the only reason we should eat these delicious little fruits. Apples, like other fruits, are packed full of nutrients that our bodies require to function to the fullest. Read more about the benefits of apples here.

Enjoy your apples before a meal or as a snack with a little peanut or almond butter – a great healthy fat! Peanut or almond butter will add in some extra fiber which not only helps maintain a healthy digestive tract, it helps you stay fuller longer!

Apples are also good for brain power! Read more here.