It is flu season again and this year seems to be on target to hit many households.  Here are some tips to help avoid getting sick.  I have had two members sick in my family and loading up on vitamin c and using these tips have avoiding getting the virus.  Keep up your guard and you can stay healthy throughout flu season.

1.  First and foremost wash your hands.  Warm soapy water many times per day.  This will be your first line of defense.
2.  Use high dose vitamin C doses.  High dose vitamin C will help ward off the virus.  In his book Vitamin C and the Common Cold (1), Linus Pauling explained that vitamin C, taken at the proper dose, can prevent a virus from taking hold in the body. Take several times a day in 2,000 mg increments.  Here is a great medical study on using vitamin C.  (Click Here)
3.  Try to avoid large crowds and exposure.
4.  Eat lots of green leafy vegetables.
5.   Check out the super spice Turmeric.
6.  If you do get sick try some of these healthy soup recipes. (Click Here)
8.  For sore throat try these great healthy protein drink recipes.  (Click Here)
9.  If a family member gets sick isolate their personal items and try to avoid contact.
10.  If you do get sick stay home and do not go out.  Going out in public when sick keeps the virus moving to other households.

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  1. Mary on January 11, 2013 at 7:01 pm

    With planning to travel for a month, I’m really interested in some ideas for building up immunity as well! Got some supplements to suggest?