Winter is here and we need to make sure and stay hydrated. The dryness of the air and the extra heat will cause us to lose more water, so we need to increase our consumption. If you are thirsty or your lips are chapped you are already dehydrated. Drinking water is essential to your overall health and weight. Many find drinking enough water difficult. I will share some tips regarding getting your water consumption increased and feeling better as a result.

Our bodies are mostly water, approximately 60 to 65% for men and 50 to 60% for women. The human brain is about 85% water and our bones are between 10 to 15% water.

Drinking cold water can help speed up your metabolism. Your body has to work to heat up the water, thereby increasing your metabolism.

Starting your day with a cup of warm lemon water is very beneficial for your health.

  • Water can help with headaches when triggered by dehydration. If you feel a headache coming on drink a full glass of water and it will help.
  • Water is an appetite suppressant. Many times people feel hungry when they are actually dehydrated.
  • Drinking more water prevents water retention. If your body feels like it is beginning to dehydrate, it will retain the water that is already in your body.
  • It is recommended we drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. You need to add one additional glass of water per caffeinated beverage consumed every day.
I have found I drink more water when I drink it through a straw. Studies show you will consume your water much more consistently and in higher volume. I purchased the Starbucks 24 oz Trenta cup and this dramatically has improved my water consumption. I refill it 6-8 times per day and keep it will me at all times.
If you have issues getting in enough water try using the straw method. If the lack of flavor is an issue many will add lemon or even lemon and stevia for lemonade to help flavor their water. Here are some tips to spice up your water.
Set a goal to get in your water per day at 2 liters or more if needed. Some will drink their weight in oz of water.
Add Cranberry to your water. Here is a video from Carol on Cranberry Water. (Click Here) Make sure you” Choose Wisely” and use the right Cranberry Juice. (Click Here).
Add orange slices, lemons or even flavor drops like peppermint.
Purchase a cup and try the straw trick, it really does work.  Click here to purchase the Starbucks cup or pick up one up at your local store.