It’s that time of year when traditions take over including baking those delicious Christmas cookies. Here a little info to help you make healthier choices when you break out those ingredients.

Organic butter actually contains many nutrients that protect us from heart and other diseases. It contains Vitamin A, Vitamin E, lecithin and a number of other anti-oxidants which can help strengthen our immune system. Butter contains a natural fatty acid called CLA, which studies show helps reduce your risk of heart disease. CLA also enhances the flavor of your food and satisfies your appetite, leaving you more satisfied than when you use margarine.

Margarine is highly processed and contain trans-fats and hydrogenated oils which has been linked to diabetes. These types of oils clog the cell membranes and lowers the rate of turning glucose into energy. Our bodies cannot break down hydrogenated fats as they pass through the digestive tract and liver. These types of fats are stored in the fat cells of our body, and interferes with the way in which we hold on to or, more importantly, lose fat.

So, if you are going to do some holiday baking this Christmas, choose wisely and use butter!