For most of us, life is a consistent struggle of finding that perfect balance between family, church activities, friends, work, relationships, social events, and other commitments.  In spite of, and because of, our busy schedules, it is vitally important to take care of ourselves.  Below are a few of the little choices you can make to help you successfully get through the day.


  • Join a new group where you can meet and interact with other people.  Social interaction helps stimulate the brain and ward off depression. offers a wide variety of local groups ranging from football fanatics to Revolutionary Period history buffs.  Another option is our online book club where we read and discuss books focused on healthy living.  (Note: It is possible to be in too many groups or a group that feels more like a chore and not something you look forward to.  In that case, it can be better to consider what two or three commitments bring the most value to your life, and then cut out the rest.)
  • Take a vitamin B complex daily; it can boost your energy and keep you happy.  Sublingual drops are often the most effective such as this one that NOW Foods offers: click here.


  • Drink some water!  Staying hydrated keeps your system going and helps wash out toxins from your body.
  • Take a minute for snack time.  A couple of munchies throughout the day helps you keep your metabolism going and makes it easier to eat less at mealtime.  A Larabar or handful of Carol’s Trail Mix provides you with nutritious fuel for your body and requires little or no prep. time.


  • As Jim Rohn says, “Don’t start your day until you’ve finished it.”  So before your day kicks off, take a few minutes to outline what’s on your to-do list and in what order you will complete the tasks.  That little bit of time spent planning out your day helps keep you focused when moving from one task to the next and can reduce stress.
  • When working under a deadline, avoid getting caught up in frivolous tasks.  Also, make sure to reduce or eliminate distractions such as emails or office neighbors by turning off your email alert system or politely closing your office door.  Doing so will make it easier to dedicate your full attention to the project at hand.

Please share in the comments about the methods you use to find balance.