I first started taking bee pollen because I knew it was great for increasing energy levels, but I found out it has a lot of other great benefits including a more focused and clear brain!

Bee pollen has so many nutrients in it, you could survive living off of just bee pollen! It’s very high in B vitamins especially B-12. The B vitamins is key in providing our bodies energy.

My favorite reason to have bee pollen is for it’s natural energetic boost. It’s a feeling without the jittery side effects from those incredibly unhealthy energizer drinks and no crash. I just overall feel like I have more energy when taking bee pollen.

bee pollenBee pollen is also great for weight loss because it improves your metabolic rate and also contains a key amino acid called L-glutamine. This key nutrient helps with sugar cravings and withdrawals by helping to steady blood sugar. I usually want something a little sweet after a meal, even if I am not hungry, but after I started taking bee pollen, I noticed this crazy craving diminish.

I tuck a few granules under my tongue and let them dissolve. I do this every morning before I leave for my busy day.  These little beads are very strong so you don’t need much. Every body is different, so see what works for you. I find that taking a pinch every morning has worked well for me.

You can buy it in the refrigerator section of a whole foods stores. I have used this brand but if you have allergies, it’s best to use a local brand. I also have found them in the supplement section (by the Flax oil) at our local Whole Foods.

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NOTE: If you are allergic to bees, do not use this product!