Today is “Blue Monday” and is considered the most “depressing” day on the calendar. ?

Many people struggle with depression during the winter months and this year the number of women struggling has increased with the current situation in the world.

Don’t let Blue Monday win!

We can combat depression and win the battle against depression through many avenues. Vitamin D being one of them.

Adequate amounts of Vitamin D help keep bones healthy and strong. It also improves brain function, encourages cell growth, benefits the immune system.

Lower levels of vitamin D are associated with memory loss and increased dementia risk.

Could low levels of Vitamin D contribute to depression?

Vitamin D is shows some impressive brain-protecting roles and is important to healthy brain function. Therefore, lower levels may indeed play a role in depression.

Your body absorbs vitamin D primarily through sun exposure, which is why many struggle with depression during the winter months.

Certain foods can also be sources of Vitamin D including:

  • Mushrooms 
  • Egg yolks
  • Salmon and other fatty fish 

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