It’s a well-known fact that fruits are highly beneficial to our bodies and healths, so when a fruit is considered a “power fruit”, you can bet it has LOADS of benefits. Dates are one such fruits and believe it when we say, they don’t disappoint.

What are Dates?

So what exactly is this power fruit we are talking about? Well, dates are a type of fruit gotten from the date palm. They are indigenously found in Northern Africa and the Middle East.

Dates usually come in different shapes, colors, and sizes. Nevertheless, they have a few things in common; the major ones being that every date is one-seeded and typically has an oblong shape. These fruits can be eaten fresh, dried, or even as a part of a larger meal.

Why Are Dates Considered a Power Fruit?

Power fruits, often called super fruits are fruits that are especially rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Since most fruits contain all of this (and to a reasonable amount to), one can deduce that a power fruit would most likely be incredibly rich with them.

Dates are especially rich in these essential nutrients, and hence provide a great amount of health benefits for this reason.

Major Health Benefits of Dates

While dates provide a copious level of nutrient, vitamins, and antioxidants, and thus provide numerous benefits, one benefit stands out with this fruit ─ they are natural metabolism and energy boosters.

Date are naturally rich in sugar. In fact, they naturally contain more sugar than most other fruits. And what’s more, these sugars are natural sugars, so they are much easier for the body to convert into energy. This makse them perfect per and post-workout snacks.

Dates are also rich in antioxidants and natural metabolites. This makes them a great fruit for those who need a boost in their metabolism.

Wondering how to get all these benefits? It’s simple really. All you need do is take a few dates a day. That’s all!

Why not give these natural metabolism and energy boosters a try today? Try out a few dates before and after your workout to start enjoying its many benefits.