An infection occurs when an organism enters your body and causes disease or infections. They can include things like viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites.

Our body has its own immune system to fight against infections, but more often, it is not able to properly fight against infections and needs and external support. Most people give this support in the form of chemical-based medicines. Those medications are expensive and do leave some sorts of side effects.

What people do not know is that there are many nuts and fruits that naturally boost our immune system. One such kind of nut is Brazil Nuts. These nuts come from South American Bertholletia excelsa, or Brazil nut, tree. They are a good source of proteins, fats, fiber, and selenium.

Brazil nuts strengthen our immune system as it contains a high amount of selenium in it.

Selenium is a trace element that is crucial for the proper functioning of the thyroid, cell growth, and immune system.

Studies showed that the higher levels of selenium had been linked to enhancing the immune system and better outcomes for infections, cancer, pregnancy, mood disorders, heart disease, and infertility. 

Brazil nuts are very effective way to increase selenium intake. This fact was concluded after a study done on 60 people. Those people were given two brazil nuts per day. After a few weeks, selenium was raised in those individuals.

Another study concluded that selenium increases the cell production of cytokines.

Other than improving your immunity, brazil nuts can improve your thyroid disorders. Reduce inflammation, improve heart health, good for the brain, and potent antioxidant. 


Brazil nuts are rich in selenium. One nut contains almost 175% of the reference daily intake. Selenium is an important trace element that is vital for your immune system, cell growth, and thyroid gland.