Celery juice has been proven over and over to be effective for burning stubborn fat, especially those around the tummy, so if you are looking to get a flatter tummy and reduce stubborn belly fat, then this is something you really want to try out.

Before you even get started, however, let’s clarify something. There are NO pills or magic recipes for reducing fat. So if you are looking for some magic drink to burn all that belly fat overnight, then celery juice is NOT what you are looking for. 

If you are looking for realistic results, however, then you have come to the right place!

How it Works

Celery juice’s fat-burning effects are not just some myth. While there is not an abundance of scientific experiments on the subject, here are some facts on how celery juice can help you get a flatter tummy:

  1. Celery contains very few calories. Since the fewer calories you take in means less fat, replacing higher-calorie beverages like soda with celery juice helps you reduce the build-up of fat in your body, thereby gradually reducing your weight.
  2. Celery juice is actually filling, so taking it before meals often reduces the amount of food you eat while still providing you with enough energy. The less the food, the less the calories. The less the calories, the less the fat.

So yes, this is no magic fat-burning drink, but it does work, especially when combined with regular exercise and the proper diet. Still have your doubts? No problem, just give celery juice a try for a few weeks and see what you think then!