If you are stuck in a rut in any area of your life, make a list or a plan and change the routine.  I recently wrote a blog on being conditioned and how important it is that we change our conditions into new habits if we want permanent change.  Click here to review that blog post.

Stop doing the same things every day and decide today you are doing to do just ONE thing differently.

One of the most important things you can do is take an inventory of the things you would like to see changed in your life.  Keep your list short and start with just a few things. Do not overwhelm yourself or you end up changing nothing.

Below are five simple examples of making small changes to your routine.

1.  Stop eating sugar– The best way to stop eating sugar is to remove it from the house.  Make a list of things you can do to help you achieve this goal. Spend a little time every day working towards this goal.
2.  Exercise more– Getting motivated to exercise can be a grueling task for some.  Make it a goal to do one small thing every day.  Do 10 wall push-ups, walk around the block, park further at the grocery store, etc.
3.  Cook healthier meals– The best way to do this is to start with one day a week and plan a meal.  Look at recipe websites and find a reasonable meal to start with that you can achieve with great results.
4.  Get up earlier– Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier every day and spend time studying something important to you.  Improving your mind will improve your overall health.
5.  Get organized- This is a big one with spring cleaning in the air.  Instead of being overwhelmed by the large task, take 15-20 mins a day and check something off your list.  You will be amazed by how fast it starts to accumulate.

The biggest challenge to change is actually taking action.  We fear failure so we do nothing.  In doing nothing we achieve nothing.  You must start out with small goals and set yourself up to check them off one thing at a time.  You do not have to reinvent your life overnight.  Slowly start changing and making little choices every day that will over time accumulate into a new routine.

For the next week, I challenge you to make one change to your routine.  Just one! Do not try and reinvent the wheel overnight and do too much.

One change per week accumulates to 52 changes in one year.  Imagine what your life would look like with 52 changes in your routine in one year.

You can do it if you spend time on the little choices versus the big ones and do it consistently.