If “some” is good, is “more” better? Likely not in most cases.

Balance is crucial to us on our weight management journey, and once our weight is stable and we have more options with our food selection, it is imperative to keep portion control in mind.

This is especially the case with trigger foods like dairy, nuts and fruit.

Even our USDA Food Pyramid which is now known as My Plate fall short on giving people the complete nutrition advice they need to choose the healthiest diets. We wanted to take this concept one step further in order to help you make healthy food choices so we created the Little Choices Matter Food Guide. You will notice that it covers all of the important food groups and that it gives a range of servings for the amounts.

This Daily Food Guide is designed as a simple and flexible resource to help you make healthy nutritional choices in your everyday life. It is an easy way to plan your daily food intake and have confidence that you are selecting foods to help you create a balanced and healthy diet for maintaining proper energy levels, weight and good general health.

Serving sizes can vary depending on your gender, body size, physical activity and your specific needs. This general nutritional information is based on extensive research and we recommend you always consult your doctor or healthcare practitioner for advice on your specific needs.


Transform your health through the power of smart choices.