“I am allowed to do all things.” But not all things are good for me to do. “I am allowed to do all things.” But I must not do those things that will make me their slave. 1 Corinthians 6:12 (ICB)

The Bible tells us we can do anything, but it may not be beneficial for us and we are not to become a slave to it. Don’t become a slave to a donut, cookie, ice cream, etc. In other words, don’t let it overpower your thoughts.

Food isn’t bad but when we hang on the couch stuffing our faces with junk food while we binge a show on Netflix, and we don’t spend time with God (talking to Him, digging into in His word, fellowshipping with other believers) then we are putting food and entertainment before God.

God cares about our bodies. He wants us to honor God with our bodies, but He also understands that at times this is difficult. He made food for the stomach, and the stomach for food. But sometimes it is hard to make healthy choices when we have cravings for unhealthy foods.

Cravings are often the cause of why we fail on a healthy eating plan. Even with our best intentions, we cannot overcome the urge to feed the sugar craving. The intensity of cravings can come and go with hormone fluctuations each month as well. 

Combat cravings our Craving Defender our ALL-IN-ONE supplement to help you combat the cravings.

  • Aids in weight loss
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  • Destroys sugar cravings
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  • Curbs carb cravings
  • Helps you sleep better
  • Helps keep you calm
  • Keeps your muscles from cramping
  • Promotes healthy digestion
  • Helpful in treating leaky gut
  • helps manage blood sugar levels
  • Aid in the detoxification and cleansing of the liver
  • Encourages digestion and circulation

It’s also helpful to find a friend who can not only hold you accountable for your choices, but also one who can help encourage you to make the healthiest choices.

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