2-3 cups of Mixed Spring Greens
1 cup of chopped English Cucumber
1 cup of cherry read tomatoes
½ cup of onions

1T of Sassy Vinaigrette
¼ T of Apple Cider Vinegar
1T of MCT oil
1T of water

I love a good green salad to go along with my protein at lunch or dinner. This one uses the Sassy Vinaigrette dressing minus the stevia which gives the dressing more depth and a bit of a kick. It’s super simple. I used Organic spring mix, English cucumbers, tomatoes and onion and topped it with my prepared dressing.  You cannot go wrong with a good green salad and an equally tasty dressing to top it off.  Try to get in 3-5 cups of green leafy vegetables per day.

Author: Stacy Bundy