Diabetes is a medical condition affecting millions of people around the globe. In this condition, your blood sugar is raised from the normal value. This can be due to various reasons like your body cannot produce insulin, or your body cells develop resistance against insulin, which in return increases the blood sugar. It is always advisable to keep the blood sugar in the normal range. Otherwise, it can give rise to heart and kidney complications.

Supplementing the diet with fiber-rich food, vegetables, nuts, and seeds effectively controls diabetes and insulin activity.

One such superfood that you can add to your diet is Flax Seed Oil. Flaxseed oil is a good source of insoluble fiber. It is said that a tablespoon of flaxseed oil contains 3 grams of fiber. Fiber takes long to breakdown and gets digested. This causes the slow release of sugar into the bloodstream.

A significant portion of insoluble fiber present in flaxseed oil is made up of lignans. It is a large group of polyphenols. According to a study, lignans perform wonders to improve cardiac health and improve blood sugar.

Journal Plos One did a study on diabetic people. They were given flaxseed oil. After 12 weeks, their HbA1c(glycated hemoglobin) was reduced. From these results, it was concluded that flaxseed oil significantly reduces the blood sugar level in diabetic people.

Besides reducing the body’s blood sugar level, flaxseed oil lowers blood pressure, blood cholesterol, inflammation, and excessive blood clotting. Flaxseed oil contains an essential fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid (ALA); it can significantly reduce heart attack and stroke risk.

Finally, it can only be said that flaxseed oil provides plenty of benefits to the body and, most importantly, helps to get rid of diabetes. Being a natural product, it will not cause any side effects.

Our favorite brand is Barlean’s Flaxseed Oil. You can also take it in supplement form.