It is  a common argument around my house, which method is more successful long term eating your way to health or working out hard and eating junk and whatever you want.  My husband is an avid cardiovascular  and weight trainer.  He faithfully works out just about every day.   He will then eat a pint of ice cream or chips & salsa at night right before bed.  Our argument is who would be healthier as we grow older?  Eat healthy and minimal to no exercise or eat what ever and work out?

I am of the belief we heal our bodies from the inside out.  What goes in comes out.  I tell my children this all the time even when not food related.  Bad stuff in = bad stuff out, whether it is music, negative information or peers who are a bad influence.  I take that same philosophy to the body.  What you put into it you will get out of it.

I always consider my body a very expensive vehicle and I fuel it with the best premium fuel.  Should I exercise more?  Yes, of course exercise is very important, but I do believe eating healthier is more important for the long term health results.

Recently we implemented going gluten free in our home.  I asked him to try it for 30 days.  I think he is shocked by the results of eating real foods and no processed ingredients.  He is shocked how much better he feels and he has lost a complete pants size since starting my regimen of eating real foods.  Our menus vary of proteins, vegetables, fruits and healthy fats.

Now it is my turn and I will commit to scheduling in some exercise to keep things balanced and we will both be better off in the long term.

Things to eat when eating just Real Foods:

Bacon (usually Turkey or Beef bacon from butcher)
Nuts (assorted types but I usually do almonds and cashews)
Some red meat
all vegetables
Cheese in whole form
wide variety of Fruits (usually limit to 2 per day)
HealthPro Shakes

You can add to this list a long line of anything in its natural state without being processed and chemicals added.

Meal planning is key and even some prep work so you can stay focused versus looking for something quick.  I will typically cut up veggies and boil eggs and always have fresh fruit and nuts on hand so we have easy access.  I plan out meals for a few days ahead of time.  These are just tips to help you stay successful.  Remember you can make these little choices everyday to make the best choices for your health and over time you will be so accustomed to living this way you would not think of putting low grade fuel or nasty chemical oil in your vehicle.