Sprouted grains, commonly used to make “flourless” bread, are rich in natural vitamins, food enzymes, amino acids and Omega-3s. The concept of sprouting goes way back to our ancestors and as far back as to Biblical days. Recently, the popularity of sprouting is increasing and manufacturers are producing many spouted grain products from bread to tortilla shells and even pasta.Sprouted grains, in their purest form, provide high nutritional value for you and your family. Sprouted loaves of bread are a great way to eat bread (and even bagels!) and know they are a healthy choice!The difference in these grains is the process. The grain kernels are soaked in water to the point where they are just beginning to sprout. Then the excess water is removed and the kernels are ground to form a wet, mushy dough. Then this dough is then used for making bread, bagels, pasta, tortillas, etc.

The sprouting process also activates food enzymes which help make it easier for our bodies to digest. This enzyme activity begins to pre-digest the grains, helping the grains along with all the nutrients and vitamins be more readily absorbed by our bodies. Sprouting breaks down the starches into simple sugars so your body can digest them more like our bodies digest a vegetable. It is also lower on the glycemic index making it suitable for those suffering from blood sugar issues.

For more information on sprouted grains visit Whole Grains Council.

Although you can sprout your own grains, most use the convenience of a trusted bakery. More and more supermarkets are selling sprouted grain products, and you can even find some products at vitamin shops, although you will find a wider variety at health food stores.

Here are a few of the more popular sprouted grain companies. On each of these sites, you will find a store locator or you can order online. Many times you will find these loaves of bread in the freezer section of your market. Stays fresher longer if stored in the refrigerator or better yet, keep it in the freezer and remove as needed.

Food for Life

Silver Hills Bakery

Alvarado St. Bakery

Julian Bakery

Switching from refined grained to sprouted grained products are a little choice that matters! Transform your health, and your family’s, through the power of smart choices.