The state of your the gut (GI tract, digestive system) plays a critical role in supporting your health. A healthy gut digests and absorbs the food you consume so that the body can use all of the nutrients your food offers. However,  if your digestive system is off-balance, the nutrients will leak out from the gut into the bloodstream and can trigger an inflammatory response in the body. (And you will lose some of the nutritional value from your food!)

This inflammatory response can present as:

  • Gas and bloating
  • Acid reflux
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Joint pain
  • Irregular bowel movements
  • Insomnia
  • Brain fog
  • Skin issues 

Aloe Vera – Benefits that are more than skin deep!

Aloe vera is a succulent plant that has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. It’s a widely known remedy for sunburns but this plant offers deeper healing abilities when taken orally.

Taken orally, Aloe Vera supports the digestive track which reduces internal inflammation. Since inflammation is usually caused by oxidative damage due to free radicals, aloe vera acts as an antioxidant that fights free radicals.

This amazing plant not only supports good digestion, it helps bowel function and is beneficial for other digestive issues like heartburn, IBS, and leaky gut. 

The nutritional value of aloe vera involves Vitamin A, C, and E.

  • Vitamin C has anti-inflammatory effects and its absorption is especially beneficial for inflammation of the intestines.
  • Vitamin A plays a key role in regulating multiple aspects of the digestive system as it helps reduce gut bacteria.
  • Vitamin E is an essential fat-soluble antioxidant vitamin that protects the outer membrane of every cell in our body.

If you have ever used the gel from this succulent plant itself and tasted it you know it’s very bitter and not easily consumable. Therefore we suggest purchasing Aloe Vera Liquid/Juice. Aloe vera juice is made by crushing or grinding the entire leaf of the aloe vera plant, followed by various steps to purify and filter the liquid.  This soothing juice will heal your gut and lower inflammation in our gut as we as other areas of our bodies.

If you have any digestive problems at all this is one plant you want to utilize regularly to soothe and heal your stomach lining.

Drink on its own or add to a smoothie, tea, lemonade, etc. Start by drinking 2-6 ounces daily and adjust as you body adjusts. There are a number of places you can find Aloe Vera Juice but in order to get the most benefits make sure you buy from a trusted source. Here are our favorite sources:

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