When it comes to food, cravings can be intense and why most of us fail with our weight loss goals. You set out to eat healthy but then you find it hard to resist a handful of chips, a bowl of popcorn, or a heaping serving of French fries. Can you relate?  

Our body needs salt to survive. A craving for junk foods is often associated with a craving for salt. When your body lacks minerals, it urges you to consume more. This is often mistranslated in your mind as a craving for salty foods, especially things that have a lot of salt like chips.

Many people have nutrient deficiencies can result in cravings so if you are experiencing cravings for salty things, you might be calcium deficient. Our bodies require a relatively high amount of this mineral in comparison to many other trace minerals. 

Scientific studies suggests that often a calcium deficiency can lead to cravings for salty things. This is because the level of sodium from something salty increases in the blood which in turn increases the calcium level in blood temporarily. The body is tricked into thinking that calcium deficiency has been overcome. However, this might be a temporary fix of salt cravings, it leads to more calcium deficiency as the secreted calcium comes from the bones. Thus, it will again start the cravings.

Also, if you use salt, make sure you use a natural salt like Himalayan Pink Salt because it contains 84 trace minerals that our bodies actually need, some of which are extremely beneficial to our bodies – like sulfur, potassium, and even calcium. (Learn more)

How calcium and magnesium works in Craving Defender

Calcium and magnesium work together extraordinarily well. Magnesium is actually the key to the body’s proper absorption and use of calcium, as well as other important nutrients. The deficiency of both of these minerals goes hand in hand priming you for salt cravings. That’s why we put them together in in Craving Defender. Because magnesium and calcium support the body to maintain the water and sodium balance, the body’s craving for salty food will lesson with Craving Defender.

Defending your salty cravings will help you get back on track and reach your weight loss goals.

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