Hair loss to most people is believed to be an irreversible process ─ once you start losing your hair, there is nothing you can do about it. This is NOT necessarily through. 

While it is a fact that once you start losing your hair the process wouldn’t be stopping anytime soon, there are ways to SLOW down the process, maybe even reserve it! One of the most effective, natural, and cost-effective ways to achieve this is to use cucumbers!

How Cucumbers Help Treat Hair Loss

Now you might be wondering, how can cucumbers help with my receding hairline or reverse the effects of baldness? Here’s the thing, cucumbers are rich in essential nutrients and proteins that help our hair grow and remain lustrous. The more you consume cucumbers, the more you replenish and supplement those nutrients.

How to Use Cucumbers for Hair Loss

Cucumbers can be used to treat hair loss and reverse the effects of receding hairline in various ways. Below are two of them:

  1. By Eating Them

Since cucumbers contain most of the essential nutrients needed to facilitate hair growth, eating them regularly helps replenish these nutrients and ensures that the body never runs out of them

  1. By Applying Them Directly

Cucumbers can also help promote hair growth and reduce the rate of hair loss when it is directly applied to the scalp. To use this method, juice or blend some cucumbers (with their seeds since they are also nutrient-rich) and apply them directly to where hair loss is starting to take place or where growth is needed.

Try any or both of these methods and you should start seeing results in the first month.

Remember though, this is no magic recipe. Fighting hair loss is a gradual process and consistency is needed if you are to see any real results. So keep eating those cucumbers, keep applying their juice to your hair, and remain patient. Do this and you’d start noticing progress before you know it!