There are many benefits to drinking water, but did you know there are even more benefits to drinking lemon water? Lemons are considered natural antiseptics and digestive aids, in addition, to being chocked full of Vitamin C. When mixed with water, they still keep these properties. There are no expensive additives to this easy over the counter, or rather in your cupboard, mixture that can provide so many benefits to your diet and your body.

One of the benefits of drinking lemon water is the effects this mixture has on the liver. The liver is an organ that must remain healthy in the body at all times and is unable to regenerate itself if damaged. Lemon water is a benefit to your liver that can allow you to keep this organ functioning at its maximum capacity and keep you healthy.

The livers main function in the body is to filter out toxins found within the body. Toxins can be transformed into harmful free radicals and lemons can counteract the effects of these free radicals in our bloodstream and remove them from our bodies.

A lemon is an acidic fruit. However, when the juice is mixed with water it becomes a more alkaline substance. Our bodies tend to be more acidic so it’s important to balance our levels and make our numbers lean more on the alkaline side. Lemon water can restore a body’s imbalanced PH to help prevent disease and keep our bodies healthy. Lemons are useful in both preventing and treating many diseases. They have been used for treating asthmas, heartburn, fevers, rheumatism and so much more. Cancer patients drink lemons to help bring their bodies back to a healthy PH level during and after chemotherapy.

Lemons are very helpful in aiding in food digestion. There are times when everything we eat doesn’t get digested properly. Food digestion is necessary to make certain we get all of the vitamins and minerals food supplies and drinking lemon water assures that food is digested properly and we receive these benefits. Drinking lemon water helps soothe the stomach and can also aid in other common everyday diseases such as heartburn, bloating, belching and unnecessary gas. Drinking lemon water on a routine basis aids in our digestive tract, but more importantly, it can help with elimination of waste more effectively.

We have discussed the elimination of waste through the liver, but lemon water can also help with controlling diarrhea and constipation. Both diarrhea and constipation are bad for the body and presents stress and improper absorption of minerals and vitamins. Controlling these two nuisances without over the counter products it’s wonderful for many individuals.

Lemons were identified several hundred years ago to cure diseases such as rickets, so the benefits of this small fruit go way back to the days of our ancestors. However, the extent of the benefits of lemons is being more wide spread as technology and medicine advance.

A simple glass of lemon water is just what the doctor ordered for the numerous things that our bodies need. Drink it daily to transform your body to better health through the power of this healthy choice!