Many times when we make the decision to eat healthy and take care of our bodies, we find out that we also signed up for countless pestering questions from friends and family. What aren’t you eating any of the cake? When are you going to make some more of you famous fried chicken? Are you ever going to go back to being normal and just enjoy life?

The experience can be frustrating to say the least, and can even make you question if choosing to be healthy was such a good idea.  Don’t worry, it was.  But that isn’t enough to subdue the pesky people.  Today’s solution is not to master the art of ignoring them, but instead to learn to embrace them and their notions about being healthy.

When they ask about the fried chicken, let them know why your down to cut certain oils out of your diet, and tell them about how you’ve been experimenting with your recipe to make it healthy while keeping it just as tasty as always.  You won’t change their attitudes over-night, but if you are consistent in explaining the reasons behind your new habits like cooking with coconut oil, you will see a change in their attitude and perhaps some of them will even want to join your journey of healthy living.

Please share in the comments section your stories of when you’ve inspired others to make wiser choices for their health.

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  1. Ramona R on November 12, 2011 at 6:12 pm

    I have been eating very healthy since August 2010 and you are absolutely right.  I have a big spanish family and they wonder why my cooking has changed.  Things that I find delicious, they don’t.  My nieces made faces when they tried the chocolate delight.  It is very tough because we have many birthdays in my family with many birthdays.  I am trying to perfect a cake recipe.  I will try the muffin recipe you  posted.  sometimes I get weak and have had a small piece of ice cream cake.  Thank you for your article and I want to foward it to my family.