What does L-Glutamine do in your body for weight loss?

An amino acid known as Glutamine or L-Glutamine plays an important role in maintaining your health. In fact, scientific evidence suggests that this amino acid is essential for your metabolism, cell function, and immunity. What’s more interesting is the fat burning and weight loss promoted by the glutamine supplements. 

Let’s see how L-glutamine helps in shedding some weight!

In the light of scientific studies, L-glutamine supplements are indicated to change the microbiome composition of your gut. Mainly the type of bacteria present in the gut is firmicutes which compete with your body’s cells for food and its absorption in the system. 

The other type of bacteria that are fighting over food with firmicutes is bacteroidetes. The biomarker of obesity in the body is the ratio between these types of bacteria. Trouble in losing or weight gain is an indication that the level of the firmicutes bacteria is higher in your gut. The property of glutamine will help regulate the number of gut bacteria which may help you lose weight. 

L-glutamine plays an important role in the regulation of appetite. Moreover, improvement in blood sugar has also been observed with the use of L-glutamine as some animal and human studies suggest that insulin sensitivity is enhanced with the use of L-glutamine. With an increase in insulin sensitivity, your body can efficiently use insulin. This improved insulin sensitivity aids in weight loss because the risk of weight gain as well as obesity is more tied with impaired insulin insensitivity.

Defending your sugar cravings will help you get back on track and reach your weight loss goals.

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