Lemon Balm is a member of the peppermint family and smells and tastes lightly of both of mint and lemon. This incredible kitchen herb is essential for calming the nerves—in particular those involved in with digestion.

If you have a nervous stomach, sensitive stomach, gastritis, abdominal pain, bloating, gas, weight gain, weak digestion, or inflammation of the gut, then you will love this herb!

Did you know that the protective lining of our intestinal tract is full of nerve endings? This is because the nerves from the spine reach our intestines and stomach to help out with our digestion. But sometimes these nerves get hypersensitive due to various reasons. This leads to having an upset or uncomfortable stomach and this makes you wonder what is the reason behind this. Sometimes it can even lead to misdiagnosis. Well, let me tell you something. The lemon balm is here to change your life. 

Nerves play a role in much of the digestive distress we experience in this day and age. If someone’s stomach or intestines are irritated for no identifiable reason, it’s usually due to sensitive nerves. Even if a food is just easy to digest, it can give discomfort to a person if the foot rubs against the intestinal tract. That’s why to be mindful of what you eat. And one more thing, even if you eat right, it’s not your fault that you can’t control your organs.

Benefits of Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is a valuable herb for stress resistance. Why? It’s because lemon balm has soothing properties, which come from bioactive phytochemicals such as undiscovered alkaloids that calm the nerve receptors at the digestive tract so that the nerves become less sensitized and inflammation reduces. 

Amazing, right? But wait, there’s more. It is a heal-all, with a high contribution factor to almost every part of the body. It is also extremely high in trace minerals and also has large amounts of macromineral silica! It also monitors your stores of vitamins and keeps your body from using it all up and alleviates interstitial cystitis and urinary tract infections.

Lemon Balm as an Emotional Support and as a Spiritual Lesson

We are done with medicinal and scientific stuff. Let’s move on to what lemon balm does to your soul and spirit. Stress and insecurities often cause us to feel fearful about what’s around the bend. 

We find ourselves lying in bed at night, wondering what will happen to us and our families. If you’re worried about what the future holds for yourself and others, lemon balm can take the worry away and replace it with a sense of peace. Be like the lemon balm. 

It is practically an all-purpose plant and it shows us too that we can be well-rounded as human beings. We’re not here for just one reason. Within one lifetime, we live different lives. We don’t have to live with a singular focus; we have many chances to explore different gifts and serve diverse purposes—some of which we’ll discover along the way and some of which we’ll live out without ever knowing how we’re effecting change.

Little ways you can work Lemon Balm into your life

Drink it as a tea. Having it before bed will help calm your nerves and give you a better night’s sleep. If at all possible, purchase a loose leaf at your local tea shop or we recommend this brand.

Make a sun tea by steeping leaves in a jar with water in direct sunlight for a few hours. The sun extracts the therapeutic properties of the lemon balm leaves and enhances the nutrient profile to help you heal.

Grow it in pot and take little snippets to add as you cook or to your salads. Works great in pesto too! Here’s a great way to grow your own in a cute little mason jar. It’s cute and easy!

Inhale it or enjoy it as aromatherapy Organic Lemon Balm Essential Oil.

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