Lemon’s natural cleansing abilities rejuvenate the liver. A squeeze of lime juice in a lukewarm glass of water, in the morning, naturally pushes out toxins. Having it first thing in the morning will wake up nerves in the digestive system and liver to encourage good digestion and detoxing.

Every morning of your detox, drink lemon water.

Here’s why: Combining fresh lemon juice with water will thin the bile produced by your body, produces an ideal substance your body will use to cleanse and regenerate your liver. It also promotes peristalsis which is the contraction of bowel muscles that pushes waste along the digestive tract and….OUT of the body to be eliminated!

Also worth noting is that lemon (although considered acidic) actually creates an alkaline environment in the body. It is awesome to give your body a shot of alkalinity first thing in the morning! (More to come on this subject!)Here’s how: Roll a ripe lemon on the counter to get it good and ready for juicing. Cut it in half and use a hand-held squeezer, a press, or a juicing jar. Add the juice of ½ fresh lemon to 16 oz. of warm water. Place the other half of the lemon in a baggie and refrigerate until the next morning if you don’t plan on using it throughout the day.

It is important to use fresh lemon and not the little yellow plastic lemon-looking bottles from the store!


  1. Leslie on January 3, 2012 at 8:54 am

    It would be appreciated if you would state how much of the lemon to use as a tiny little piece would not have much effect. So are we talking half a lemon every day, a quarter of one? Also does one need the rind or can you remove and just keep the lemon juice itself and use it alone. Thanks for your answer.

    • Anonymous on January 3, 2012 at 9:41 am

      Thanks for the question! It’s a good one, although there is not solid answer. It will depend on what your body needs. Although any amount would make a difference, no matter how small, I suggest you do at least one lemon per day. Some need to raise their acidic levels, so they may need more. If you are detoxing then you can do a few lemons per day. Zest the rind if you like as the rind is where the cancer killing agents are. I always toss some lemon zest in while cooking, etc. I hope this makes sense 🙂