Headaches are a common health problem, and many experience them from time to time. They can be due to several reasons like stress, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, or migraine.

Severe and frequent headaches can affect a person’s quality of life. You should always take proper action for this problem. This action does not include always reaching out for Tylenol when your skull starts to throb. Always reaching out for chemical-based treatment will make you dependant and resistant to it.

There are many other natural remedies that you can try. One of them is Lemon Juice.

More often, headaches occur due to an imbalance between water and electrolytes in the body. Dehydration can cause headaches, and for this reason, people try to drink a lot of water, and their headache still persists.

This is because no matter how much water you drink daily, you still can get a headache. This is because the low electrolyte level will force the body to excrete water. So it is important to take both electrolytes and water at the same time to keep a balance in them.

Consuming lemon juice will restore the balance between water and electrolytes in the body. As water is essential for proper body functioning, electrolytes are important too. Electrolytes are responsible for carrying out crucial body functions like nerve functions, cardiovascular system, and regulating muscle function.

When it comes to electrolytes, lemons are the “queen of citrus.” They are a good source of potassium, calcium, magnesium, and vitamin C. They help detoxify the liver, balance pH levels and boost your immune system.

Besides getting relief from headaches, lemon juice has many other benefits too.

  • Freshens breath
  • Weight loss
  • Good for kidneys
  • Aids digestion
  • Improves Skin
  • Strong immunity
  • Strong bones
  • Connective tissue repair
  • Gum health

Squeeze a whole lemon into warm or cold water. It’s always good to consume a glass of lemon juice daily. Not only will it relieve your headache, but it will provide you with other health benefits also.