The Lemongrass plant is often used in foods and beverages and has amazing benefits. I had some room in my garden this year, so I thought I’d give it a try. I have yet to make a wonderful Asian dish with the plant, but I have made delicious tea.

Lemongrass is an abundant source of vitamins including A and C, folate, magnesium, zinc, copper, iron, potassium, phosphorus, calcium and manganese; with minute traces of the B vitamins.

Cleanse your body and lose weight with Lemongrass

The anti-oxidant, anti-septic, and diuretic effects of lemongrass make it an important ingredient of any detox diet. It will help cleanse and purify the liver, kidneys, bladder, pancreas, and increases blood circulation.

Lemongrass contains polyphenols that have been known to increase energy expenditure and fat oxidation. Can I get an amen? It is also a great morning detox tea, because it destroys bad bacteria and parasites, and also repopulates the good bacteria in the colon. It also kickstarts your metabolism and why I usually drink it in the morning. I often mix it with my green tea leaves. Lemongrass tea is a natural diuretic, and drinking enough of it can help you drop some water weight. Sipping it during the day can also stop you from overeating.

Make your own (see below) or buy your lemongrass tea in leaves or bags.

Here are 20 reasons I love Lemongrass Tea and Oil

  1. Kick-starts your metabolism and help you lose weight.
  2. Anti-inflammatory benefits.
  3. Cleanses the pancreas and improve its functionality.
  4. Cleanses the colon and kidneys.
  5. Regulates blood pressure.
  6. Promotes deep sleep.
  7. Alleviates anxiety and depression symptoms.
  8. Boosts immunity.
  9. Treats headaches.
  10. A known diuretic – helps flush your body of excess fluid and sodium. 
  11. Relieves abdominal issues and digestive problems.
  12. Aids in regulating cholesterol levels.
  13. Help lower blood sugar.
  14. Contains several antioxidants to help fight diseases.
  15. Helps to treat oral infections and cavities.
  16. Heals sore throats.
  17. Relieves symptoms of PMS.
  18. Lessons hot flushes.
  19. Boosts the health of your skin and hair.
  20. Aids in healing urinary tract infections.

Lemongrass Tea

The process is quite simple. I usually just toss some dried leaves in my tea strainer and steep for 4-5 minutes. It is also great cold, with some added lemon juice.

  • 4 cups of water
  • 2 cups of chopped lemongrass stalks

It can be served sweetened, unsweetened, hot or cold.