Did you know that iceburg lettuce has the lowest nutritional content of all the lettuces? Iceburg is the least “green” of all the lettuces and does not contain as high amounts of chlorophyll as the other lettuces. In general, the darker the lettuce, the greater the nutritional content there is.  The best is romain followed by looseleaf, butterhead and then iceberg.

Iceberg lettuce does however contain a good source of choline which is a B-complex vitamin that is a constituent of lecithin. Lecithin is important in cleaning the liver as it intervenes with the body’s ability to form fat deposits. If you include iceburg lettuce in your diet, it is my suggestion that you mix it with other varieties of dark green lettuce. Romaine is very crispy so if you like iceberg because of the crispness, then romain is a good choice.

Another tip to crisp lettuce is this handy salad spinner. It’s one of the gadgets no kitchen should be without. If you don’t own a salad spinner and you enjoy eating salads, you need to buy one or at least put it on your Christmas Wish List. Wash your lettuce then add it to the spinner until the spinner is full but not tightly packed. Spin the salad spinner until the leaves are mostly dry. I just takes a few spins. Wrap the lettuce in a few paper towels and place into a ziplock bag. Squeeze the air out and close the bag. It should stay fresh for at least a couple of weeks stored in the fridge.