Do you want to be healthy and achieve your ideal weight? Alkalizing your body could be the first step to take.

So what exactly does this mean? Simply, eat food and drink beverages that allow your body to balance out your pH. If you don’t remember the little chart from high school Science class, don’t worry. Here is a brief refresher – and there will not be a quiz. On the pH scale, 7 is considered neutral, with lower numbers being acidic and higher numbers being alkaline. Our bodies continuously fight for a state of homeostasis, or balance.

Your body needs several minerals to maintain proper balance: calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, and sodium. These alkalizing minerals create an “alkaline reserve” in your body. This allows your body to produce that balance and prevent an acidic environment, which encourages disease.

Consuming fresh veggies and fruits will ensure you flood your body with the proper alkaline-forming minerals – but if you don’t eat them, your body simply CANNOT go without them, so they will be forced to draw them out of your soft tissues, bones, teeth, organs, and other glands. You can imagine this is not ideal.

A healthy body pH is 7.365 or somewhere close to that.

Just standard bodily functions create acidity within our bodies, but foods and beverages have a significant impact on our pH levels, too. Refined and processed foods like white flour, white sugar, and sodas (including diet sodas) are among the most acid-forming foods. Also, prescription drugs, coffee, alcohol, and most chemicals added to enhance foods lend to an acidic environment.

Eating more acidic foods than alkaline foods results in excess acidity and drains the body’s alkaline reserve. Think about overdraft protection at your bank. You write a check, and there is not enough money in your checking account, so it pulls the money from your savings account to cover it. If you do not replace the money in the savings account, you will have a problem. Well, the alkaline reserve is your body’s savings account for alkalizing minerals. When this gets chronically low, the body is forced to call in a state of emergency and take action to protect itself from the acidic environment.

Here is where you need to pay attention!

Your body will actually inflate fat cells to trap and neutralize the extra acids. You will want to say thank you for this protection because it is trying to prevent disease, however, since these fat cells are protecting your organs from the acidic environment, your body is very hesitant to release that fat. As long as your body stays acidic, it will continue to protect itself with fat – the most stubborn kind of fat that is very difficult to lose. When your body switches to an alkaline environment, that fat is no longer needed!

During the process of weight loss, it will help your body to consume 80% alkaline-forming foods, and limit the acid-forming foods to 20%. Once you are at an ideal weight, you can loosen up to a 60/40 ratio, but use caution to not throw your body back into an acidic environment.

You can order little test strips here. Test your urine and saliva and see where you fall.

If your pH test results are:
between 4.5 – 5.75, your body is 50-100 times too acidic.
between 6.0 – 6.5, your body is 5 to 10 times too acidic.
between 6.75 – 7.5, you are in the optimal range!

To get you started, some of the most alkaline-forming foods are lemons, dates, figs, cantaloupe, watermelon, avocados, asparagus, kelp, watercress, and parsley.

Stay tuned for more information on alkalizing your body and getting your liver in top form for effective fat-burning action!