Cinnamon, especially Ceylon Cinnamon, is one of the world’s most popular spices. This is the case not just because of its uniquely sweet fragrance and taste, but also for the abundance of health benefits it provides. 

Of all the health benefits of cinnamon, two of them are more scientifically supported than the others. These two include its anti-inflammatory properties and its effects on weight loss.


Cinnamon’s anti-inflammatory properties are not simply a thing of legend. They have actually been found to have some scientific backing.

The anti-inflammatory property of cinnamon is a result of the many antioxidants it contains. According to several studies carried out on cinnamon, there are at least 41 different antioxidants in cinnamon, and these antioxidants have been observed to be highly effective at fighting inflammation throughout the body by reducing swelling as well as relieving soreness.

Weight Loss

Just as it is with cinnamon’s anti-inflammatory property, there are a number of experimental reports that support cinnamon’s weight loss effects.

According to some of these studies, cinnamon helps you lose weight by helping increase your metabolism i.e. helping increase how you burn calories, and by extension fat. 


While the need for carrying out more experiments still exists in order to have a more solid understanding of to what extent these benefits can be enjoyed, one thing is for sure ─ taking some cinnamon every now and then would do you no harm. On the contrary, it might even help you cure that inflammation and achieve your goal of getting a flatter tummy!