This burger bowl contains all of the delicious ingredients of a tasty burger in one bowl. It’s simple and delicious.

I used cooked beef because I like to keep the leftovers handy for the next bowl, but you could also toss in your favorite hamburger patty.

Just grab a bowl and add all your favorite burger toppings!

Low Carb Keto Burger Bowl

Place green leaf lettuce on the bottom of your bowl.

Add cooked Grass-fed beef. (could also use ground turkey or chicken)

Arrange remaining toppings around the meat.

  • Avocado, cubed
  • Pickles
  • Cucumbers
  • Jalapenos
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Red, yellow or green peppers
  • Red onions, chopped
  • Cooked crispy bacon, optional
  • Cheese (leave out for Whole30 and Paleo)

Season with garlic powder, salt and pepper. Mix all the ingredients together and serve.

Optional Sauce – use depending on your diet plan: Compliant ketchup, mustard, or try our Keto “Big Mac” Sauce