Hello, my name is Carol and I’m addicted to chocolate. I can’t believe I did not include in my food guide as a staple food or at least one of the major food groups! Do you love chocolate too? Please tell me I am not alone! If you haven’t already done so, try my Chocolate Bites! They are so delicious and a healthy chocolate choice! I love it when my mom lives here because we eat them a few times a day – sometimes we have it with tea, as an after dinner mint, but we mostly love them with a glass of red wine ūüôā

I do a fair amount of traveling and if you have made the Chocolate Bites, or Chocolate Delights, then you know that they do not travel well. They are made with coconut oil, and will melt quickly if not stored at the right temperature. So, I went on the hunt for a chocolate bar I could travel with and feel good about. Now if I am on the road or taking a trip, I choose Rapunzel bars. Rapunzel’s chocolate bars¬†are the only 100% organic chocolate bar on the market.

Sometimes when I am running errands, I’ll pick one up and nibble on it! It is a very satisfying chocolate and probably the best you can buy. They use Rapadura sugar and they contain¬†absolutely¬†no trans-fats. Even though it contains the real good healthy sugar, it is still has grams of sugar. So, of course, it’s all in moderation! And if chocolate is a trigger food for you, I suggest you think twice and only consume¬†occasionally¬†as a special treat.

There are a few varities you may find in your local whole foods type of store. I do have a few that are my favorites and I believe they are the healthiest choice when purchasing chocolate bars. Rapunzel Chocolate bar with Almonds and Rapunzel Extra Dark Chocolate Bar (with 70% cocoa) top my favorites list. They also make Cocoa Powder which has anti-oxidant power! This makes it a healthy choice for making your own chocolate or baking and their sugar is my favorite brand of Whole Cane Sugar to bake with.
I love to be healthy, but I also love to have an indulgence once in a while and Rapunzel products are a great choice!