If you want to be healthy and maintain a healthy weight, you must consider removing all refined and artificial sugars from your diet. But that doesn’t mean you have to have an unsweetened diet! Although I use and recommend a wide range of sweeteners (Sweeteners – The Good, Bad & Ugly), today’s post is about the benefits to using organic whole cane sugar.

Raw Organic sugar caneThe processing of this sweet stuff is the difference maker and I why I use it over your typical white sugar. While refined sugars are stripped of all nutrients naturally found in the sugar cane through processing, organic whole cane sugar retains them. It’s loaded with enzymes and nutrients the body needs. Some of those nutrients include: Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Vitamin E, Be vitamins, iron, manganese, copper and zinc. You won’t find nutrition like this packed in processed/refined sugars or artificial sweeteners!

Now, you might think so what? I can get those vitamins and minerals elsewhere. We’ll… here’s something to consider – Calcium regulates how the body responds to sugar and our bodies need calcium in the sugar in order to digest the sugar. So, if calcium isn’t in the sugar, our bodies need to rob calcium from other sources in our body – mainly our bones and teeth! That is worth repeating! If calcium isn’t in the sugar we consume, our system steals it from our bones and teeth!

Have I convinced you yet? If you need more, read on… According to Dr. Chung Chi Chou, studies have shown that the antioxidants in sugar cane juice help fight against viral and bacterial infections, boost the immune system, protect against diseases of the liver and are effective in fighting against cancer, especially prostrate and breast cancer.

Organic whole cane sugar has a glycemic index of  30 to 40 which is nearly half that of refined sugar. I know, it’s not as good as stevia (which is zero), however, it’s much easier to bake with and I hope you see the benefits it does have.

Consume only unrefined, organic, whole cane sugar. Click here to see my favorite brand. You’ll hear a few different names – Rapadura – common in South America and Sucana – the trade name (Sugar Cane Natural). Because it’s not stripped of the natural nutrients, the coloring of organic whole cane sugar tends to be brownish in color.

You can use these sugars cup for cup in recipes.


  1. Barbara High on June 7, 2018 at 7:32 pm

    Just now began using Whole sugar cane. I have never heard this term used before. However I use to drink pure sugar cane juice which started me on the road to good health. Have truly felt great since drinking it. Today I saw Organic Whole Sugar Cane for the first time on a shelf at a Farmers Market. I bought a huge container for $2.48. The taste is so amazing and natural. Extremely happy for it’s benefits. Have not used white, refined sugar in years. Also have not seen a doctor in 30 years!!! Health is Wealth!!!

  2. Barbara High on June 7, 2018 at 7:34 pm

    Thank you for such wonderful information!