Change is the one thing that never changes.  In order to embrace a new healthy lifestyle you need to always develop your learning skills in this area.

Some of the recommendations would be to read books on health topics that interest you.

Join the Little Choices Matter Book Club which features a new health book every  month.

Subscribe to healthy living magazines.

Learn new ways to cook your favorite foods with a healthy Twist.

Review recipe websites and get creative.

Check out Carol’s recipes as she updates them every week adding new healthy recipes.

The more you stay focused towards renewing your mind every day even if its just 10 minutes to start and build on that you will continue to stay focused on your health.  The things you make time for are the things that will manifest as important in your life and this creates change.  Stay plugged in.

If you don’t like where you are, change it! You’re not a tree.~ Jim Rohn