An Apple a day…..

I get asked frequently what supplements I take.  We decided each of us will discuss our routine and you will see some similarities but many differences in the supplements each of us use and why.  Supplementation is a very personal and individual process.  We need to always consider what we need and why we need it.  I try to get most of my nutrients from my food choices but there are some areas that I supplement with for hormone imbalances, healthy skin and other preventative needs.  We are currently reading the Diet Cure which is a book about supplements in our book club, click here to join us.

Borage Oil– This is one product that has made a dramatic difference for my hormones.  Click here for a complete article on Borage oil and its benefits.

The following four I take in a  one pill form 3x a day.

Magnesium- I personally take 600 mg a day of magnesium.  This too helps with my hormones

Calcium- 1200 mg

Vitamin D3– 1000 iu

Vitamin C– 1000 mg

MSM– I take 6-8k mg of msm per day at 3-4 morning and night.  Click Here for brand.

Flax Oil– 1000 mg I do not like the taste or smell of flax oil but the Omega 3 is very important so I supplement it.  Click Here

Kelp– I originally started taking kelp for cellulite but have found many benefits for this super food.  Kelp can be cooked and eaten or you can supplement it as a capsule.   Click here to read more about benefits of kelp.

B Complex– vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, folic acid and Biotin

Read the post on supplements and recommended dosing

Always talk to your doctor about your supplements and get them approved.

My typical day menu:

Breakfast:  Coffee
Brunch: 3 Cage free organic eggs, and beef or turkey sugar free bacon
Lunch:  4 cups of spinach or greens with tuna or chicken with Sassy dressing
Snack: Apple
Dinner:  8 oz protein, large salad or green veggies and peppers.  Occasionally a starch
Snack:  If I get hungry at night I will typically have protein, a boiled egg, string cheese or sometimes an apple