This pot roast is so tender it literally cuts with a fork and falls apart.  The key is in the seasoning and the minimal water to steam vs immerse while cooking in the crockpot

Beef roast of your choice- Typically do a 3 lb chuck roast with fat trimmed
Signature Blend Spice
Himalayan sea salt
1 cup of water

Rub both sides of the roast with signature blend to cover completely.  Use sea salt(be generous with amounts) to rub into the roast on both sides and lay at bottom of crock pot.  Pour in 1 cup of water around the sides of the roast.  Turn on high and cook for 4 hours.  The meat will be flavored to perfection and need nothing else.  You can add other flavors but it turns out a perfect flavor with just the two spices above and it is simple.  The key is the limited amount of water allows the roast to create and cook in its own juices.  Keep an eye on it as all crockpots cook differently.   I serve with a side of veggies and this salad.