Make your healthy goals stick the whole year!

Well, we are just over 10 days into the new year! Did you set a New Years Resolution to be more healthy? Are you falling into the “easier said than done” category? If you are like most Americans, you are struggling to keep your healthy resolution! We are overloaded with unhealthy and artificial food choices laced with unnatural combinations of fat, salt, sugar and harmful carbohydrates which have made Americans the fattest people on earth! Many join a gym and the only loss they see in in their bank account. It’s not easy to break the unhealthy cycle but you can do it one little choice at a time!

Give your transition to a more healthy lifestyle some time. It can take weeks, or even a month, before you begin to taste the wonderful flavors of fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and grass-fed animal proteins. You will slowly notice that foods high in sugar will suddenly taste too sweet. Foods high in starch like French fries, potato chips and white rice and pasta will make you feel bloated and sick. Your cravings for these foods will slowly diminish.

Once you have spent a few weeks cleaning out your excess salt, sugars, refined oils and other processed foods, you will begin to feel so much better and these food will no longer taste as good as you remember them.

Healthy foods do not need to be bland and boring! Focus on spicing up your foods. Try our special spice blends loaded with healthy ingredients and not a hint of unhealthy choices such as excess salt and sugars. The key is to make your own dressings, condiments, and marinades for added flavor! Even just sprinkling the seasonings on your vegetables or protein add wonderful flavor!  My favorite is the Green Beans recipe! Great on green beans, broccoli, kale and just about any vegetable you can think of! Our spices will add an intense flavors which are sure to satisfy your pallet!

Stick with your healthy resolution! One little choice at a time!

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