Did you ever wonder why Popeye likes spinach so much? The idea behind making Popeye extremely strong after eating spinach is no random idea; the director selected the favorite food to be spinach for Popeye because he knew what that vegetable was hiding. It is sometimes also known as “King of Vegetables” because of its numerous nutrition capabilities that it’s leaves hold.

The first thing to keep in mind while dealing with spinach is to make sure that you buy fresh green leaves without any hint of the pale yellow color, research has revealed that the leaves which have bright green color have a higher concentration of vitamin C compared to the dull colored leaves.

Cancer is perhaps one of the most allusive ailments humans can develop, but did you know that spinach contains carotenoids? Carotenoids give rich bright colors to different vegetables and are used by blood and body tissues in varying ways. Carotenoids are also known to help fight cancer, thus making spinach very healthy for cancer patients. Spinach also contains flavonoids which also help in the fight against cancer. Spinach is known as an anti-aging vegetable as it contains flavonoids and lutein. Flavinoids keep the brain strong and healthy, thus preventing memory loss that often comes with age. Lutein is another very important component found in spinach which helps prevent against blindness due to aging, and keeps the muscles and immune system strong to the weakening of age. Lutein is also known to help fight cancer.

Spinach has also been proven to tie in closely to the prevention of heart disease in some individuals. It contains inositol and choline, which prevent arteries from hardening and thickening.

Spinach contains Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin A and Vitamin E. Vitamin C and E are known to be very effective against high blood pressure. Vitamin K prevents the growth of cells which breaks down bones, but it also produces a matrix Gla protein which prevents calcium from forming in tissues and it also ensures a healthy nervous system.

Finally, we all want and envy those with beautiful skin. The Vitamin A in spinach is responsible for healthy skin and retaining moisture within the skin. This helps to prevent the further development of wrinkles, which makes this vegetable popular with women.

Now, anyone can see why Popeye was crazy for his spinach!