buy produceProduce is expensive, especially organic. Here are a few quick tips to help your produce last longer.

I remember my grandmother would store certain foods together, sometimes in a brown bag, so they would ripen faster or prevent premature ripening. It’s because of the natural ripening agent called ethylene gas. It is a naturally produced chemical or plant hormone created during the ripening process of many fruits and vegetables. Knowing how to store them will help prolong the freshness of your produce

bluappleMy favorite money-saving trick is to use the amazing Bluapple! The attractive apple-shaped blue plastic container holds an absorbent pouch that traps the ethylene gas in your refrigerator and extends the useful storage life of your produce up the three times longer. I’ve been using them for about 6 months and I’m surprised how much longer my produce lasts. Even cut avocados! You’ll find this amazing product in the produce section of your natural food market or other grocery stores or on amazon. (

For more storage tips see Bluapple’s produce storing tips.

Read these food saving tips before you toss out foods about to “expire”.