Like most things in life, consistency is the key to success. As we begin this New Year, make it a goal to stay mentally focused on all your goals. Health and weight loss top the list of most New Years Goals. Here are some tips for staying plugged into things that will help you achieve long term success.

Consistency is the key to success or failure. If you consistently make healthy choices, you will yield healthy results. If you consistently make bad choices then you will yield bad results. Let’s look at this with respect to food choices.  As we pull further and further away from our focus of making healthy choices the easier it is to fall back into old habits of unhealthy eating. The things you do daily will help you be successful or fail at anything in life. Where do you spend your time? I am often asked how I maintain and keep my weight off. My answer is always holding myself accountable to staying plugged in and positioned to make healthy choices.

Where do you spend your downtime? What are you watching? What are you reading? One thing you can do to greatly increase your success in any area is to engage and study it continuously, whether it is knowledge for your spiritual, physical, or financial being. The more time you spend learning and developing in these areas the higher rate of return/success. On the flip side the less time you are focused on your weight, eating habits, development in any area, the more likely you are to see negative results. It is a simple skill development that will propel you into a lifestyle of success. Spend your time developing in areas where you have lacked. Have you ever been on a good cycle of exercising, let’s say 20 days straight you have gone for a 30-minute walk every day, then one day something distracts you and you miss your daily walk. If you do not get back up and immediately identify this error and get back on track it will get easier and easier for you to skip the next time and the next time. It holds true with eating. If we fall off and do not immediately address the issue, we think oh it’s just one hamburger and fries, but then you find 2-3 or days later you are seeing things slip back in and it gets easier to cheat and make excuses. If you do not stop yourself and renew your mind and get back on track you will fall back into old habits very quickly. We then get depressed and disappointed in ourselves and sabotage the great gains and successes we have had. When you get off track remember you can always plug yourself back in.

1. Get a friend or a buddy, someone to do this with you. Stay engaged in conversations regarding healthy choices.
2. Read healthy magazines and watch cooking shows always looking to improve your healthy choices at home and when out.
3. Join support groups and discussion forums.  Every day staying connected and involved in the support group is likely the #1 reason I have kept my weight off. When you are engaging in constant conversation regarding healthy food choices you will always be renewing your mind to make healthier choices. It will also be a place you can run to when you do get off track and know there is a room full of others right there to lift you up and help you get back on track.
4. Find something you love to wear, jeans, pants, dress.., no matter where you are towards goal and try it on several days a week.
5. Help others! Helping others as you learn yourself is very rewarding and will help you continue to make the right choices you are teaching to others for yourself.
6. Make it a point to limit distractions that will pull you away from your goal. Schedule time for it daily even if your time is limited make sure and take the time you need for you. Sign up for blog updates that will help further your knowledge of making healthy choices, read articles on healthy recipes, and increase your knowledge of the benefits of making healthy choices. It cannot only be about the scale. Your goal should be overall health and wellness so that you can feel great and look great too.